Nyx Nott - Aux Pieds De La Nuit

Nyx Nott - Aux Pieds De La Nuit

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Nyx and Nótt are two mythical goddesses of night, Nyx from the Greek and Nótt from old Norse. The album pulses like the quiet hum of night; the production is clear and crisp with every movement, note and sound augmented with stark clarity - like the amplified sound of a creaking floorboard as you move through the house in darkness. It’s a deeply percussive album, resulting in gentle rhythms that often give way to moments of real stillness and tenderness that stem from the rich orchestration and composition - one that glides from strings to brass to quietly purring electronics. The album moves through jazz, ambient and electronic to result in something that sounds like it might be a score to Moffat’s dreams.

However, for someone as revered a lyricist as Moffat - be it with his own solo work, Arab Strap or when working with Bill Wells and RM Hubbert - he’s in entirely instrumental mode here, much like he was with his now defunct L.Pierre alter ego. It results in a fundamental shift in creative approach for Moffat when operating in this format.

Track List:

A1. Mickey Mouse Strut
A2. The Prairie
A3. Words Of Wonder
B1. Theme From
B2. Shirley Jackson On Drums
B3. Long Intervals Of Horrible Sanity
B4. Citation Needed

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