Original Broadway Cast - Hair Coloured Vinyl

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Studio recordings of the original Broadway Cast starring Melba Moore and Diane Keaton. Includes the classics Aquarius; Good Morning Star shine; Let the Sunshine In. Plus other cult favorites: Black Boys; White Boys; I'm Black; Ain't Got No; Sodomy; Colored Spade; Manchester England; I Believe in Love; Ain't Got No (reprise); Air, and more.

  1. Aquarius
  2. Donna
  3. Hashish
  4. Sodomy
  5. Colored Spade
  6. Manchester England
  7. I'm Black
  8. Ain't Got No
  9. I Believe in Love
  10. Ain't Got No (Reprise)
  11. Air
  12. Initials
  13. I Got Life
  14. Going Down
  15. Hair
  16. My Conviction
  17. Easy to Be Hard
  18. Don't Put It Down
  19. Frank Mills
  20. Be-In
  21. Where Do I Go?
  22. Electric Blues
  23. Manchester England (Reprise)
  24. Black Boys
  25. White Boys
  26. Walking in Space
  27. Abie Baby
  28. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
  29. What a Piece of Work Is Man
  30. Good Morning Starshine
  31. The Bed
  32. The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)
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