Ost - Round Midnight Coloured Vinyl

Ost - Round Midnight Coloured Vinyl

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There are precious few jazz movies, even fewer half-decent ones. Round Midnight, with its portrayal of an ageing American exile in Paris, is one of the very best ever made. Essential elements of its success are Dexter Gordon's bewitching central performance plus Bernard Taverniers direction and screenplay. Despite that, this soundtrack won the films only Oscar, for Herbie Hancock. However, the actual music is most usually praised in the context of the movie - the authentic 50s club atmosphere that it helps create is vital to the film rather than in its own right. This reissue provides an opportunity to reassess it


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Round Midnight
  • 02. Body And Soul
  • 03. Berangere's Nightmare
  • 04. Fair Weather
  • 05. Una Noche Con Francis
  • SIDE B
  • 01. The Peacocks
  • 02. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  • 03. Rhythm-A-Ning
  • 04. Still Time
  • 05. Minuit Aux Champs-Elysees
  • 06. Chan's Song (Never Said)
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