Pengshui - Destroy Yourself

Pengshui - Destroy Yourself

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Brand-new in name but certainly not in heritage: Bass player Fatty is a founder member of Submotion Orchestra and has played with the likes of Newham Generals, Andreya Triana and Outlook Orchestra. Illaman is one of the fizziest, most versatile MCs in the game with a previous that flexes from Goldie’s live band to Flux Pavilion co-labs. Pravvy Prav, meanwhile, has a long career smashing tubs for Foreign Beggars, Jorja Smith, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Maverick Sabre and Jehst.

PENGSHUi is the latest project in this shared line of credentials. And quite possibly the heaviest, too. A raucous fusion of punk, grime, metal, bass and beats, PENGSHUi adds to a slow-cooking piquant gumbo of uncompromised sonic fire that’s been bubbling since 1986 when Run DMC and Aerosmith advised us to walk in a certain direction. Always bubbling but never over-boiled into a flavourless formulaic gloop, the fusion of metal and electronics still feels fresh, unruly and energetic over 30 years later.


01. Break The Law / 02. Eat The Rich / 03. Little Brother / 04. Ain't No Love / 05. Move The World / 06. I'm Sick / 07. This Is My Youth / 08. Ursa Minor / 09. Idkwybt / 10. Shellers / 11. Destroy Yourself / 12. Nothing Ever Changes

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