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Following their debut album, Pretenders released two singles in the UK, Talk Of The Town and Message Of Love before Pretenders II arrived.

The album would end up peaking #7 in the UK, and #10 in the US, being certified Silver and Gold respectively in the process.

Further highlights of the album include another cover of The Kinks, in the form of I Go To Sleep.


A1. The Adultress (2018 Remaster) 
A2. Bad Boys Get Spanked (2018 Remaster) 
A3. Message of Love (2018 Remaster) 
A4. I Go to Sleep (2018 Remaster) 
A5. Birds of Paradise (2018 Remaster) 
A6. Talk of the Town (2018 Remaster) 
B1. Pack It Up (2018 Remaster) 
B2. Waste Not Want Not (2018 Remaster) 
B3. Day After Day (2018 Remaster) 
B4. Jealous Dogs (2018 Remaster) 
B5. The English Roses (2018 Remaster) 
B6. Louie Louie (2018 Remaster)

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