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Pretenders is widely regarded as one of the greatest debut albums of all-time.

Featuring Chrissie Hynde’s incredible vocals and guitar, James Honeyman-Scott’s glistening guitar, Pete Farndon’s driving bass and Martin Chambers’ drums, the album is quintessential new wave, and a defining album of the 80's.


A1. Precious (2018 Remaster)
A2. The Phone Call (2018 Remaster)
A3. Up the Neck (2018 Remaster)
A4. Tattooed Love Boys (2018 Remaster)
A5. Space Invader (2018 Remaster) 
A6. The Wait (2018 Remaster) 
A7. Stop Your Sobbing (2018 Remaster)
B1. Kid (2018 Remaster) 
B2. Private Life (2018 Remaster) 
B3. Brass in Pocket (2018 Remaster) 
B4. Lovers of Today (2018 Remaster)
B5. Mystery Achievement (2018 Remaster)
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