Purr - Like New

Purr - Like New

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Purr began in 2017 as the second project from New York City born, raised and forever based songwriting partners Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen.

The duo - who had previously captured attention releasing deft, stripped down, warm-toned pysch-pop under their names, Jack and Eliza - shifted to what naturally felt like their next musical gear. If Jack and Eliza showcased the songwriting prowess of a promising young duo (they are both still in their early twenties), then Purr lets Callahan’s and Staffen's work bloom in the fertile ground of a fully realised soundscape. Purr builds upon an ageless, classic sound that at once looks at the past while leaning into their own, individual future - with Staffen’s and Callahan’s vocals humming at the centre.

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