Remo Drive - Portrait Of An Ugly Man

Remo Drive - Portrait Of An Ugly Man

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With its acrobatic guitar work, deeply self-referential lyrics and off-the-walls energy, A Portrait of an Ugly Man calls back to the dextrous, eccentric sound that helped the band – brothers Erik (vocals, guitar) and Stephen (bass) Paulson – explode into the underground with their 2017 debut.

A slice of tremolo-heavy classic rock filtered through the lens of the gunslinging American West, Remo Drive’s third album, A Portrait of an Ugly Man finds them truly in their element – both physically and sonically. Whereas the Paulsons filtered their buoyant songwriting through the concise lens of storytellers like Bruce Springsteen and The Killers on Natural, Everyday Degradation, A Portrait of an Ugly Man is more spontaneous, bolstered by the same charm and levity that made 2017’s Greatest Hits such an underground favourite.


A1. A Guide To Live By
A2. Star Worship
A3. Dead Man
A4. If I’ve Ever Looked Too Deep In Thought
A5. The Ugly Man Sings
B1. True Romance Lives
B2. Ode to Joy 2
B3. The Night I Kidnapped Remo Drive
B4. A Flower and a Weed
B5. Easy as That

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