Renderers - In The Sodium Light

Renderers - In The Sodium Light

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Long-time Christchurch residents, Brian and Maryrose Crook witnessed the earthquakes crumble the city, which inspired them to move to America and concentrate on touring there. Through endless band line-ups and continual challenges, they have maintained a focused sound and approach to their music, keeping with their songs being buried in layers of swelling and swirling guitars.

For their newest record, In the Sodium Light, The Renderers appear to be representing the landscape of their new home as songs feel very calm and languid, like calm waters drifting a boat with a glass bottom over the endless abyss.


01. Harsh Proposition
02. Sea Worthy
03. The Remembering Room
04. Mr Pulse
05. Strange Love
06. Hiding
07. No Really Falling
08. Black Saturn
09. You Raised Me

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