Richard Swift - The Hex

Richard Swift - The Hex

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Richard Swift believed in and sought real beauty. And so, even at its most caustic and sardonic, his masterpiece swan song The Hex is beautiful. Conceived in pieces over the last several years and completed just the month before his passing, The Hex is the grand statement Swift acolytes have been a-wishin-and-a-hopin' for all these years.

After a career of sticking some of his finest songs on EPs and 45s, here are all his powers coalescing into a single, long-player statement. At its core, The Hex is an aching call out into the void for Swift’s mother (“Wendy”) and his sister (“Sister Song”), whom he lost in back-to-back years. You hear a man at his lowest and spiritually on his heels. The pain fueling Swift’s cries of “She’s never comin’ back” on the absolutely gutting standout “Nancy” is some sort of dark catharsis for anyone who’s ever lost a loved one to the cold abstraction of death.


  1. The Hex 
  2. Broken Finger Blues
  3. Selfishmath 
  4. Dirty Jim 
  5. Babylon 
  6. Wendy 
  7. Sister Song 
  8. Nancy 
  9. HZLWD 
  10. Kensington! 
  11. Sept20 
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