Roots Manuva - Dub Come Save Me

Roots Manuva - Dub Come Save Me

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After Roots Manuva dropped Run Come Save Me in 2001, many tracks were left on the cutting room floor, so Dub Come Save Me arrived the following year with dub heavy reworks of album tracks and some choice cuts that didn’t make the record’s original track list.

Full of bass laden workouts and instrumental UK hip hop master classes ranging from the demonic dub terror of Highest Grade Dub and Styles Dub to the glittering electro dub of Man Fi Cool 


  1. Man Fi Cool
  2. Revolution 5
  3. Tears
  4. The Lynch
  5. UK Warriors
  6. Highest Grade Dub
  7. Styles Dub
  8. Witness Dub
  9. Dreamy Days (SFA Dub)
  10. Brand New Dub
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