Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

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Debut solo album by Ruth Mascelli from New Orleans group Special Interest.

A Night at the Baths is a progression from their previous work under the Psychic Hotline moniker, as well as the electronic rhythms they supply as part of Special Interest – drawing on acid house, ambient music and techno.

An album as journey in the best sense, starting with the late night pulse racing dance floor menace of Sauna and ending with the melancholy dawn chorus of Missing Men, with a strong narrative arc in between – told through a deft use of instrumental textures.

Ruth Mascelli comments: “I think of each individual track as its own room or physical space. Some may be lonely, some crowded, but I tried to leave them open enough to walk around and explore.”

Mascelli is able to effortlessly conjure a contrasting range of sounds – ranging from patient and considered ambient trips to smoky Berlin basement slams.

A Night at the Baths is an incredibly assured debut album for the modular freaks, raw techno heads and followers of Special Interests’ own industrial juggernaut sound in equal measure.


Side A
1. Sauna
2. Petri Dish
3. One For The Voyeurs

Side B
1. Libidinal Surplus
2. Hydroptherapy
3. Circle Of Shit
4. Sunrise
5. Missing Men

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