Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche 85

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From a bedsit in London to New York recording studios. Alternative acclaim to mainstream adulation. Indie label hopefuls to major signings. Despite the series of radical shifts that underpinned its creation, Scritti Politti's second album achieved the virtually impossible.

While everything was scaled up – the ambition, the sound, the audience – the singular artistic vision that drove the group not only remained intact and undiluted in these bigger surroundings, but became more inventive, more adventurous and, ultimately, more beloved. Introduced to pianist and programmer David Gamson while making of the band's debut album Songs To RememberGreen Gartside realised he had found a creative foil to help him achieve the ambitions he had for Scritti Politti 

Partially recorded in New York, with several tracks produced by Arif Mardin (who had worked on Aretha Franklin's I Say A Little Prayer, a track Green beautifully commemorates on this record), and partially in the UK with Green and Gamson directly overseeing the process, Cupid & Psyche 85 is infused with shimmering synths and the heat of classic funk. Weaved together by Green's intoxicating melodies, it is also embroidered with ideas from philosophical writings, while taking cues from myths and fables.

Originally released in 1985. Includes sleeve notes written by Green Gartside & David Gamson.


  1. The Word Girl 
  2. Small Talk
  3. Absolute
  4. A Little Knowledge
  5. Don't Work That Hard 
  6. Perfect Way 
  7. Lover To Fall
  8. Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) 
  9. Hypnotize
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