Seefeel - (Ch-vox) (Redux)

Seefeel - (Ch-vox) (Redux)

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Seefeel’s third album was recorded for Rephlex has been out of print since its original release.

Aphex Twin (a big fan of the band) did two different remixes of early track Time To Find Me for free, on the agreement that Seefeel would make a record for his Rephlex label at some point.

(Ch-Vox) showcased even more of an experimental direction, mostly made by Mark Clifford on his own.

(Ch-Vox) could well be Seefeel’s definitive statement, a compelling album fuelled by deepest mystery.


1. Utreat (Complete)
2. E-hix²
3. Ch-vox
4. Hive
5. Ashdecon
6. Net
7. E-Hix 5
8. E-Hix 4
9. Evio
10. Avatar
11. E-Hix 3
12. Ashime

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