Seefeel - Succour (Redux)

Seefeel - Succour (Redux)

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Seefeel’s second album and their debut for Warp, available on vinyl for the first time since 1995 with an extra LP of bonus material.

The shoegaze elements of its predecessor had evaporated, and vast spaces of ambient and dub would come to inform Succour. Skeletal rhythmic elements amalgamating into their brooding, elemental and completely singular sound.

Seefeel proselytised the limitless potential of the post-rock genre with Succour – and produced one the greatest albums of the 1990s in the process.


1. Meol
2. Extract
3. When Face Was Face
4. Fracture
5. Gatha
6. Ruby-Ha
7. Rupt
8. Vex
9. Cut
10. Utreat
11. Tempean
12. As One
13. As If
14. As Well
15. As Track
16. As Link
17. As Such
18. Meol 2
19. Rupt (Cut Mix)
20. Fractions 2
21. Meol 3
22. Monastic
23. Burned

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