Senni, Lorenzo - Scacco Matto

Senni, Lorenzo - Scacco Matto

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Milan-based Lorenzo Senni – one of modern electronic music's most vital artists – has been turning heads for over a decade now. Senni has been accelerating and expanding his idea of rave voyeurism across various music and art spheres.
Musically Scacco Matto is a continuation of Senni’s distinctive pointillistic style – where gated, taut sounds are arranged relentlessly as drumless rhythms and melody, which this time come in more song based structures. Across the eight tracks of this bold sonic statement, Senni – trance’s premier deconstructionist – demonstrates once more that his maximalist style can be deployed to summon both club heft and depth of feeling.

Melodies and motifs from trance, rave, pop and even classical appear digitised, reduced to binary snapshots and arranged like Ben Day dots.

This is reflected in the artwork, which shows a picturesque Californian view, shot through a dilapidated window frame dotted with globs of black paint.

Scatto Matto is check mate – the culmination of work, strategy and creative mental process.

Cover artwork by acclaimed American photographer John Divola.

“The Italian producer charges the euphoria of dancefloor anticipation with punk spirit in these joyous, poignant tracks” The best albums of 2020 so far The Guardian

“The Italian electronic producer and arch conceptualist finds a new flamboyance in astoundingly ornate, song-like pieces of deconstructed trance and video-game chirps.” 7.6 Pitchfork


1. Discipline Of Enthusiasm 
2. XBreakingEdgeX 
3. Move In Silence (Only Speak When It's Time To Say Checkmate) 
4. Canone Infinito 
5. Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow 
6. The Power Of Failing 
7. Wasting Time Writing Lorenzo Senni Songs 
8. Think Big

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