Sheehan, Rhian - A Quiet Divide

Sheehan, Rhian - A Quiet Divide

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Five years since the release of his previous studio album, Rhian Sheehan returns with A Quiet Divide. Acclaimed for both his music and his composition, Sheehan’s latest piece of work is a sublime marriage of orchestral chamber music with textural cinematic guitar and synth soundscapes. 

A Quiet Divide sees his most cinematic piece of work to date, merging his experience crafting cinematic scores with the post-rock sound listeners have come to expect.


1 Elegy For The Past
2 The Absence Of Youth
3 Lost Letters
4 Soma Dreams
5 Between Us And The Dying Starlight
6 We Danced Under A Broken Sky
7 Toward The Sun
8 Last Time We Spoke
9 Atlas
10 Someplace
11 All Who Remain
12 April
13 1982
14 Keepsake Vinyl Only Bonus Track

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