Sherwood & Pinch - Late Night Endless

Sherwood & Pinch - Late Night Endless

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Late Night Endless is the first album by Sherwood & Pinch and the culmination of two years in the studio developing, re-dubbing and deconstructing tracks. It finds the highest common factor between the two's techniques, making it impossible to see where one musical personality ends and the other starts. It touches on the urban swing of UK garage on Music Killer (Dub) and Gimme Some More (Tight Like That), on interstellar nineties ambient dub on Wild Birds Sing, on the mystical minimalism of Pinch's first releases on Africa 138. Utilising Sherwood’s deep-fathomed sound bank, Late Night Endless also incorporates elements of his previous productions, including vocals by Daddy Freddy, Congo Natty, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Prince Far I and Andy Fairley.


  1. Shadowrun 
  2. Music Killer Dub 
  3. Gimmie Some More (Tight Like That) 
  4. Bucketman 
  5. Wild Birds Sing 
  6. Stand Strong 
  7. Precinct Of Sound 
  8. Different Eyes
  9. Africa 138 
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