Sleater-kinney - Path Of Wellness

Sleater-kinney - Path Of Wellness

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Path Of Wellness is Sleater-Kinney's tenth full-length studio record.

During 2020’s endless turbulence, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker wrote and recorded the album in Portland. They welcomed local musicians in the studio to bring their vision to life. For the first time, the band also took the reins and self-produced the eleven-track offering.

With their new release, the band deliver a provocative, powerful, and poetic statement when alternative music and culture could use it the most.


1. Path Of Wellness
2. High In The Grass
3. Worry With You
4. Method
5. Shadow Town
6. Favourite Neighbour
7. Tomorrow's Grave
8. No Knives
9. Complex Female Characters
10. Down The Line
11. Bring Mercy
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