Smog - Dongs Of Sevotion

Smog - Dongs Of Sevotion

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Smog's 2000 album Dongs of Sevotion is loose 11-song collection featuring similar lyrical content to that of Bill Callahan's previous work. Half of the album finds Callahan alone on vocals and guitar/piano with his only support coming from Tortoise's John McEntire on drums. Includes the track "Dress Sexy At My Funeral" which plots out Callahan's anticipated demise.

Smog Dongs of Sevotion Track Listing:

1.  Justice Aversion
2.  Dress Sexy at My Funeral
3.  Strayed
4.  The Hard Road
5.  Easily Led
6.  Bloodflow
7.  Nineteen
8.  Distance
9.  Devotion
10. Cold Discovery
11. Permanent Smile
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