Spiritualized - Pure Phase

Spiritualized - Pure Phase

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Pure Phase is the second album by Spiritualized, originally released on 28 March 1995. The album was recorded in the Moles Studio in Bath, England, and features contributions from The Balanescu Quartet.

At the time of release, Pierce had renamed the band as "Spiritualized Electric Mainline", the name that appears on the album cover, before reverting to the Spiritualized name shortly afterwards.

Pure Phase showcases both a more symphonic sound as well as a dreamy rock grandeur. Think of Brian Wilson and La Monte Young recording together, and you'll have a good idea of the Spiritualized totality. Pure Phase is both beautiful and innovative; more than just psychedelic, it's celestial.


  1. Medication
  2. The Slide Song 
  3. Electric Phase 
  4. All Of My Tears 
  5. These Blues 
  6. Let It Flow
  7. Take Good Care Of It
  8. Born, Never Asked
  9. Electric Mainline 
  10. Lay Back In The Sun
  11. Good Times 
  12. Pure Phase
  13. Spread Your Wings
  14. Feel Like Goin' Home
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