Stephen Malkmus - Traditional Techniques

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Traditional Techniques is new phase folk music for new phase folks, with Malkmus as attuned as ever to the rhythms of the ever-evolving lingual slipstream. Instead of roses, briars, and long black veils, prepare for owns, cracked emojis, and shadowbans.

Centered around the songwriter’s 12-string acoustic guitar, and informed by a half-century of folk-rock reference points, Traditional Techniques is the product of Malkmus and engineer / arranger Chris Funk (The Decemberists). Playing guitar is friend-to-all-heads Matt Sweeney (Bonnie “Prince” BillyChavez, too many others to count), who’d previously crossed paths with Malkmus on the opposite end of the longhairs’ map of the world, most lately gnarling out together back east in the jam conglomerate Endless Boogie.


Side 1

  1. ACC Kirtan
  2. Xian Man
  3. The Greatest Own In Legal History
  4. Cash Up
  5. Shadowbanned

Side 2

  1. What Kind Of Person
  2. Flowin’ Robes
  3. Brainwashed
  4. Signal Western
  5. Amberjack
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