Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections

Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections

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The past five years have seen amapiano, South Africa’s electronic music
movement born in the townships of the country’s Gauteng province, evolve from an underground sound to a nationwide mainstream staple. Even with its commercial success though, amapiano’s DIY ethos has continued to disrupt music creation and distribution in the country. Most amapiano commercial successes today began their careers on cracked versions of production software like FL Studio, distributed their work through file sharing platforms like datafilehost and marketed it using social media pages they controlled and influenced.

Amapiano Selections, the debut album by DJ and producer Teno Afrika, gives listeners outside the movement’s online release economy an insight into the high-burn nature of amapiano that has spawned a distinct typology under its larger umbrella. 21-year-old Lutendo Raduvha has spent the bulk of his life moving between different townships on the outskirts of Johannesburg and Pretoria in the Gauteng province. The palette of amapiano styles on the album reflect these influences.

  1. Ambassadors (featuring Diego Don Stylo Musiq & Flame Darula)
  2. Storytellers (With Diego Don)
  3. 8 Ubers (Tribute to DJ Jaivane)
  4. Conka (featuring Diego Don Stylo Musiq & Flame Darula)
  5. Smooth Criminal (With SilvadropZ)
  6. Lerato La Bass
  7. Trip to Vlakas (Main Mix) (With SilvadropZ)
  8. Chants of Africa
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