The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur

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A very special reissue of The Cinematic Orchestra’s classic 2007 album Ma Fleur.

At the time Ma Fleur was recognised for its bold departure from the group’s sonic traditions, and in the years since it’s been continuously celebrated.

Dealing with themes of loss and love Ma Fleur is fertile ground for founding member Jason Swinscoe and longtime partner Dominic Smith's brand of music-making.

From the achingly beautiful opener To Build A Home this is an album which reaches for and finds an honesty and truth far beyond what we would normally expect from such a record, but without losing any of the accessibility which made the band popular in the first place.


Side A
1. To Build A Home
2. Familiar Ground
3. That Home
4. Child Song

Side B
1. Music Box
2. Ma Fleur
3. Prelude
4. As The Stars Fall

Side C
1. Into You
2. Breathe
3. Time And Space

Side D
1. Flowers
2. Talking About Freedom
3. Colours

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