The Clean - Oddities

The Clean - Oddities

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Recorded between 1980-82 'Oddities' is a thorough compendium of alternate takes, addled miscues, riffing zoners & back burner gems. Never easy to come by-even the cd version had scant distro through the 90's- this bunch of songs has been been tagged as 'the ones that got away'. But hold on there pard, this story ain't done. Cut to 2012 & the inimitable Austin label, Five Four O, has taken up the call & wrangled this behemoth of slippery Southern Psychedelia into the format it has always so richly deserved-THE DOUBLE LP. Housed is fetching & historical gatefold sleeve to boot. It is a thing of beauty to both the ears 'n eyes alike. So we can all rest easy now. Them cows has finally come home. Or to quote the bard, ‘Justice is a dish best served rad’. Indeed. So grab a spoon & slurp it up.”—Tom Lax (Kaffeklubben Island, Earth)

Collection of curiosities by The Clean, originally released as a cassette only compilation, it was eventually reissued by Flying Nun, and later 540 Records.


  1. Oddity
  2. Success Story
  3. Thumbs Off
  4. Getting Older
  5. Yellow Man
  6. End Of My Dream
  7. Platypus
  8. This Guy
  9. David Bowie
  10. Mudchucker Blues
  11. At The Bottom
  12. Hold Onto The Rail
  13. Inside Out
  14. Fats Domino
  15. Sad Eyed lady
  16. Tell Me Why
  17. In The Back
  18. Band That Never Was
  19. Wheels Of Industry
  20. Point That Thing Dub
  21. Saftey At Home
  22. Lemmings
  23. Stylaphone Music
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