The Datsuns - Dehumanise

The Datsuns - Dehumanise

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Another high-intensity track from The Datsuns  forthcoming album Eye to Eye – the band's first collection in six years.

The dystopian riff rocker is accompanied by the dramatic non-LP B-side Negative Swing

Dehumanise is another Sci-Fi inspired number, about being literally stripped down to your utilitarian parts by the machines and machinations around you. The main parts were written on tour, opening for Graveyard in Europe some years back. I was listening to a ton of heavy 70's rarities at the time, sampling their drum intros in Garageband to make demos. This one features more custom fuzz guitar FX courtesy of Christian and also my first attempt at a synth solo, wild!" - Vocalist and bassist Dolf de Bors 


  1. Dehumanise
  2. Negative Swing
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