The Delta Riggs - Modern Pressure

The Delta Riggs - Modern Pressure

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“Modern Pressure” is The Delta Riggs’ sixth studio album, originally released in 2019. The Delta Riggs are a 4 piece Aussie rock band, they are best known for their work on hit shows like The Originals and Lucifer.

“Modern Pressure” is arguably one of The Delta Riggs’ best bodies of work to date, containing some of their most popular songs to date such as “Fake That” and “Out Of Place” This album is a must have for any fan of the indie rock scene.



Side A:

  1. Bright As The Sun
  2. Don't You Frown
  3. Fake That
  4. Friendly Fire
  5. Reality
  6. Modern Pressure

Side B:

  1. Push $ Pull
  2. Out Of Place
  3. Tom's Song
  4. Settle Down
  5. Sunshine Dancing
  6. Fast As The Day
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