The Distractions - Kindly Leave The Stage

The Distractions - Kindly Leave The Stage

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The Distractions declare an end to their long career! The Distractions were an unjustly overlooked band from Manchester, England, who recorded only one full- length album, 1980's 'Nobody's Perfect', during their original run. They broke up in 1981 after failing to achieve commercial success, but there have been a number of Distractions reunions in recent years, featuring original singer Mike Finney and original guitarist Steve Perrin. A new lineup released a second Distractions album, titled 'The End Of The Pier', in 2012 -- 32 years after the debut album. And now, the Distractions issue their third -- and, they say, final – album.

'Kindly Leave The Stage' was recorded over the course of three days in September of 2015. It was produced by Nick Halliwell, the head of Occultation Recordings, who also played guitar. The rhythm section consisted of Arash Torabi from Granite Shore on bass, and Ian Henderson from The Puddle on drums.

'Kindly Leave The Stage' lies in the same basic mellow pop vein as 'The End Of The Pier', but is even more laid back, suggesting that Finney and Perrin had mellowed even further with age during the few years in between. The first two tracks (A Few Miles More and Last To Leave) have just a minimum of adult-alternative vigor. The rest of the tracks have a mostly understated tone, a middle ground between American country music and indie pop. The instrumentation moves at a relaxed and deliberate pace for most of the album. Aside from one striking side trip into baroque pop territory (Wake Up And Kiss Me Goodbye), most of the songs are of a melancholy nature, which has always been The Distractions' forte.


  1. A few Miles more 
  2. Last to leave 
  3. Talking to myself
  4. What the Night does 
  5. The Fire 
  6. Wake up and kiss me goodbye 
  7. Nowhere 
  8. The Connection's dropped again 
  9. Tell them I'm not here 
  10. The End of the Pier 
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