The Long Blondes Someone to Drive You Home Anniversary Edition Limited 2LP

The Long Blondes Someone to Drive You Home Anniversary Edition Limited 2LP

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The home of a host of indie disco classics with its noir atmospheres and vivid storytelling – qualities that saw the record inspire recent, generation-capturing movie Giddy Stratospheres which takes its name from The Long Blondes’ iconic single – the Sheffield band’s first album managed that rare trick of capturing the 2000s zeitgeist while leaving a timeless artistic mark for the ages.

Initially inspired by the frisson of the indie disco – now, fittingly, a classic of low-lit dancefloors everywhere – ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ is The Long Blonde's sophisticated calling card. A swirl of razor-sharp guitars and vivid storytelling, waltzing melodies and burning vocals, the Sheffield band's 2000s single fizzes with dancing, desire, and the most stylish sing-along you'll ever hear.

The anniversary edition of Someone To Drive You Home, which was originally released in November 2006 and was produced by Pulp member Steve Mackey, comes as a limited edition, double gatefold LP. Pressed on to red and yellow vinyl to mirror the album’s artwork – a picture of actress Faye Dunaway also painted by Jackson – the edition features the original record, plus 11 additional tracks that the band used on B-sides.

[LP1] 01. Lust In The Movies – Remastered / 02. Once And Never Again – Remastered / 03. Only Lovers left Alive – Remastered / 04. Giddy Stratospheres – Remastered / 05. In The Company Of Woman – Remastered / 06. Heaven Help The New Girl – Remastered / 07. Separated By Motorways – Remastered / 08. You Could Have Both – Remastered / 09. Swallow Tattoo – Remastered / 10. Weekend Without Makeup – Remastered / 11. Madame Ray – Remastered / 12. A Knife For The Girls – Remastered
[LP2] 01. Five Ways To End It – Single B-Side / 02. Fulwood Babylon – Single B-Side / 03. The Whippet Fancier – Single B-Side / 04. Who are You To Her? – Single B-Side / 05. Never To Be Repeated – Single B-Side / 06. All Bar One Girls – Single B-Side / 07. I'm Coping – Single B-Side / 08. Last Night On Northgate St – Single B-Side / 09. Platitudes – Single B-Side / 10. Melville Farr – Single B-Side / 11. The Unbearable Lightness of Buildings – Single B-Side

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