The Veils - And Out Of The Void Came Love (2LP) (Pre-Order)

The Veils - And Out Of The Void Came Love (2LP) (Pre-Order)

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OUT MARCH 3 2023 

It’s been seven strange years since The Veils’ last studio album. Since then Finn Andrews has toured the world twice over, appeared in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return, made an acclaimed solo album, broken his wrist on stage, and had a baby.

The result of this highly tumultuous period is the stunning new double album from The Veils, …And Out Of The Void Came Love. This bombastic yet deeply introspective double album is intended to be listened to in two sittings with a short break in the middle, or as Andrews instructs: “Make a coffee or smoke a cigarette – but don’t mow the lawn or go to the movies or something, that takes too long.”

It is an ambitious piece of work and marks the beginning of another exciting new chapter in The Veils’ 20-year history. Gone is the dark, brooding electronica of The Veils’ last album Total Depravity (produced by the incomparable El-P of Run the Jewels): here we find singer Finn Andrews delivering his sermon on the mount like the bastard son of Scott Walker and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

The album was produced by Tom Healy with soaring string arrangements by renowned composer Victoria Kelly. The album also enlists the talents of musicians Cass Basil (bass), Dan Raishbrook (lap steel, guitar), Liam Gerrard (piano), Joseph McCallum (drums), the NZTrio and special guests the Smoke Fairies on backing vocals.

“Refreshingly passionate… Andrews rages with a Herculean intensity." – The Guardian

“Horse-whipped, lightning-crash clamour… magnetic.” – Pitchfork


  1. Time
  2. No Limit Of Stars
  3. Undertow
  4. Bullfighter (Hand of God)
  5. The World Of Invisible Things
  6. Epoch
  7. Diamonds And Coal
  8. Rings Of Saturn
  9. Made From Love With Far To Go
  10. The Pearl
  11. Someday My Love Will Come
  12. The Day I Meet My Murderer
  13. The Ocean & The Storm
  14. I’ve Been Waiting
  15. Cradle Song
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