Thundercat The Golden Age of Apocalypse (Ten Year Anniversary Edition)

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Gold Mirror Board Sleeve With Thundercat Logo Hologram Sticker and Gold Holofoil Detail

Two Bonus Tracks

Brainfeeder, the LA-based record label founded by Flying Lotus, salutes the 10th anniversary of Thundercat’s debut album, The Golden Age of Apocalypse – the record that introduced Thundercat to the world as a truly mercurial talent – with an incredible deluxe vinyl edition.

The Golden Age of Apocalypse embraces 'electronic music's futuristic sound-sculpting and reconnects it with the history of African-American pop' resulting in a 'densely layered, expertly played, genre-crossing marvel'.

Dragonball Durag with Jon Batiste

Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner's densely layered debut (co-produced with Flying Lotus) mixes the future shock of electronics, the tightly edited pleasures of pop, the love-sick opulence of quiet-storm soul, and the show-stopper instrumental breaks of jazz

8.1 Pitchfork


A1. HooooooO

A2. Daylight

A3. Fleer Ultra

A4. Is It Love?

A5. For Love (I Come Your Friend)

A6. It Really Doesn't Matter to You

A7. Jamboree

B1. Boat Cruise

B2. Seasons

B3. Goldenboy

B4. Walkin'

B5. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of Apocalypse)

B6. Return to the Journey

B7. $200 TB (feat. Austin Peralta) Bonus Track

B8. Daylight (Reprise) Bonus Track

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