Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Blue Record

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Blue Record

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Portland/Kiwi combo Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s follow up to January’s sophomore set II is an acoustic EP called Blue Record.

It features spare unplugged versions of their own material plus covers of Beck and Dirty Projectors. And while an acoustic record might seem like an odd turn for a band that typically deals in dubby compact psych, this thing is a seriously lovely 15-minute finger-plucked excursion that fans of Jose Gonzalez (specifically) and nimble acoustic fretwork (generally) will gratefully gobble.


  1. "Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark)" (acoustic version)
  2. "Faded in the Morning" (acoustic version)
  3. "So Good at Being in Trouble" (acoustic version)
  4. "Swing Lo Magellan" (Dirty Projectors cover)
  5. "Puttin' It Down" (Beck cover)
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