Various Artists - Join The Ritual

Various Artists - Join The Ritual

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Join The Ritual, the third piece of Jagjaguwar’s 25th Anniversary celebration, looks to pay homage to the labels and artists that, whether they know it or not, invited Jagjaguwar to the table, to this wild, dark magic ritual of music.

We’re talking about independent titans like Drag City, Too Pure, K Records and Touch & Go. We’re talking about heroes like R.E.M., Slint, Stereolab, and Tracy Chapman. These songs captured the imaginations of founders Darius Van Arman and Chris Swanson — and ultimately, opened worlds to them.


Side A
1. Spencer Krug - Red Dress
2. The Besnard Lakes - Good Morning, Captain
3. They Hate Change - The Seeming And The Meaning
4. Angel Olsen - Cold Blooded Old Times
5. Bruce Hornsby - Feel The Pain
6. Jamila Woods - Fast Car

Side B
1. Nap Eyes - Car
2. S. Carey - Weight Of Water
3. Pink Mountaintops - The Concept
4. Cut Worms - One For The Catholic Girls
5. Okay Kaya - Nightswimming

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