Various - Suedehead...reggae Classics 1971-1973

Various - Suedehead...reggae Classics 1971-1973

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The Suedehead Sound of the early 70's followed the skinhead style of the 1968-70 period.
The notable difference could be seen and heard, the sharp jerky upbeat rhythms were slowing down a notch to what we soon be calling that early reggae sound.
the tougher harder look of the rude boy/skinhead style was relaxing a little to almost meet with the less frantic rhythms to a more slowed down groove like sound. 
The 'rude Boy Out Of Jail' type lyrics were becoming more conscientious, this was another twist and turn in the ever evolving sound of jamaican music,
But what is sure the artists and producers never disappointed us in this period , so here is a compilation of some tunes that the suedehead crowd were grooving to....


  1. Twinkle Brothers - The Best Is Yet To Come
  2. Delroy Wilson - Here Come The Heartaches
  3. Cornell Campbell - Stars
  4. Clarendonians - Day Will Come
  5. Horace Andy - Don't Try To Use Me
  6. Cornell Campbell - My Confession
  7. Pat Kelly - Daddy's Home
  8. Delroy Wilson - Who Cares
  9. John Holt - It's A Jam In The Street
  10. Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
  11. Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall On I
  12. Cornell Campbell - Girl Of My Dreams
  13. Delroy Wilson - Cheer Up
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