Voivod Synchro Anarchy

Voivod Synchro Anarchy

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Closing in on 40 eventful years of existence, Canada's progressive sci-fi metal innovators Voivod introduce their 15th (!) studio album “Synchro Anarchy”.

Following 2018's highly praised and Juno Award winning “The Wake” album and 2020’s stellar “Lost Machine - Live” release, the brand-new 9 tracks composing the kaleidoscopic sonic monster that is “Synchro Anarchy” reaffirm Voivod as one of the most fervently creative bands on the planet.

[LP] A1. Paranormalium / A2. Synchro Anarchy / A3. Planet Eaters / A4. Mind Clock / B1. Sleeves Off / B2. Holographic Thinking / B3. The World Today / B4. Quest For Nothing / B5. Memory Failure

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