Vynehall, Leon - Rare, Forever

Vynehall, Leon - Rare, Forever

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Leon Vynehall has announced the followup to 2018's critically acclaimed debut Nothing Is Still (which garnered widespread praise including appearing in ‘Album of the Year’ lists from Rough Trade, Mixmag, Esquire, The Vinyl Factory, RA and more) in the form of new album Rare, Forever which will be released on 30 April via Ninja Tune. Along with the announcement he has shared two new tracks 'Mothra' and 'Ecce! Ego!'.

Those who have spent time with Vynehall’s music over the past decade will know how much it is rooted in family. Nothing Is Still — which was part of a wider multimedia experience spanning film (with video elements directed by Young Replicant) and literature — was dedicated to Vynehall’s grandparents and traced their emigration from London to New York in the 1960s, his own journey to Los Angeles striking some distant, ghostly parallels with theirs. Music For The Uninvited was inspired by the funk, soul and hip-hop tapes his mum used to play on car journeys to and from school. But on Rare, Forever, Vynehall is showcasing all the strings to his bow - creating music that’s borderless and unbound.


  1. Ecce! Ego!
  2. In>Pin
  3. Mothra
  4. Alichea Vella Amor
  5. Snakeskin  ∞ Has-Been
  6. Worm (& Closer & Closer
  7. An Exhale
  8. Worm (& Closer & Closer)
  9. An Exhale
  10. Dumbo
  11. Farewell! Magnus Gabbro
  12. All I See Is You, Velvet Brown
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