Wolf & Cub - Nil

Wolf & Cub - Nil

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Wolf & Cub have released their fourth album NIL via Part Time Records.

Featuring the dark and abrasive first single ‘Blue State’ & searing second single ‘Close to the Edge’, NIL is Wolf & Cub’s first long-form release since 2013’s Heavy Weight. Where Heavy Weight hinted at the band’s ability to traverse tougher terrain, NIL sees the band gravitate away from previous psych-rock offerings in favour of a masterful and revelatory heaviness.

Produced by the band and released on bandleader Joel Byrne’s own label Part Time Records, NIL was recorded in Sydney at a variety of locations across a protracted timeframe. The album is crushing in its intensity as Wolf & Cub embrace the freedom that comes with starting again and the confidence that comes from experience. “My measurement for Wolf & Cub’s success in my late-thirties is significantly different from what it was at the beginning of our career,” says Byrne. “There’s no burden of expectation here.”


1. Blue State 
2. Level 
3. Close to the Edge 
4. Witch Trials
5. Nil Desperandum 
6. Losing Touch 
7. Desperate 
8. Light of The Morning 
9. Undone 
10. Bleed Generation 

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