Young Fathers - White Men Are Black Men Too

Young Fathers - White Men Are Black Men Too

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For the purposes of this mission, this album, this White Men Are Black Men Too, is rock and pop. And hiphop, too. (Woops, slipped out). No, you don’t box in the R&B Hits 2003 generation that easily. This sticker is only for the business. The listeners can decide for themselves.

Microphone technique: orders from the sound engineer: “do NOT cup the mic!”.

The sounds are closer on this album, closer to your ears. It sounds as if you are in the room during the recording, possibly experiencing a little existential trauma, but not enough that you don’t notice an earworm hook when you hear one. These hooks, they stay with you. ‘Is that what they mean by pop’? you ask yourself. Could be, Madonna, could be. There are less words than before. Why, for fuck’s sake? Where is the hiphop? It slides in, like a reverse version, a negative, of the hiphop blueprint of eight verses and a sweet, female wail of a hook (while comedy rapper number 6 mutters ‘uh huh, uh huh’, you know, keeping it real). But YFs lob raps into songs that morph into sung verses then back into the tune, with no respect, none! for the law.


  1. Still Running 
  2. Shame 
  3. Feasting 
  4. 27 
  5. Rain Or Shine 
  6. Sirens 
  7. Old Rock n Roll 
  8. Nest 
  9. Liberated 
  10. John Doe 
  11. Dare Me 
  12. Get Started 
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