Yumi Zouma - Truth Or Consequences

Yumi Zouma - Truth Or Consequences

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Touring is often the final piece of the puzzle that is an album campaign – the part an artist fixates on alone in a room, when they perfect a song and imagine how a crowd will react. This would not be the case for Yumi Zouma who released their third album Truth or Consequences on March 13, the day after the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 an official global pandemic.

The reimagined Truth or Consequences (Alternate Versions) album is a breath-taking response to that lost opportunity to re-contextualise and explore the boundaries of the original album through live fan engagement.

Track List:
  1. Lonely After - Alternate Version
  2. Right Track / Wrong Man - Alternate Version
  3. Southwark - Alternate Version
  4. Sage - Alternate Version
  5. Mirror To The Fire - Alternate Version
  6. Cool For A Second - Alternate Version
  7. Truer Than Ever - Alternate Version
  8. My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold To Your Heart - Alternate Version
  9. Magazine Bay - Alternate Version
  10. Lie Like You Want Me Back - Alternate Version
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